I’m so glad you are here.  This DIY blogging adventure that I am on is a learning experience every day.  It’s nice to have others along for the ride!

As a long time do-it-yourselfer and lover of home decorating (Yes, like many of you I am an original “Trading Spaces” junkie!), I have found myself in the midst of “Finding myself, one project at time…”

Life can be really messy.  This year has reminded me of that.  But when it comes right down to it, I’m blessed.  I’m lucky to be a mom, a wife and a whole lot more.   I love to kickbox for exercise, dance because I’m passionate about it and enjoy all the little pieces of life as much as possible.

I descend straight from the “Queen of DIY” herself – my mother.  Even back when it wasn’t cool to do everything on your own – my mom could and did. (Still does actually!) I learned from the best.

Whenever life has thrown me a twist, I’ve found myself fixing things up – grabbing a spray paint can – or coming up with a new project to keep my mind busy.  That’s how I landed right here.   Lately, I’ve been truly inspired by family, friends and neighbors (you know who you are!) who are out there taking a chance, risking it all – to do something they love.  I absolutely had to join in!

I hope to supply you with ideas, some laughs or maybe just some décor eye candy.  You never know where the next project will take us!

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As an FYI:  I currently do not receive any compensation for this blog.  All my opinions, products used or pictured (unless otherwise noted) are just because that’s what I happen to use or that’s what is going on during my DIY adventure.  If you would like to reblog, share my posts or include my photographs on your blog, I would love that!  Please contact me first and link back to my original content.  Thanks!