Easy Baby Balloon Decorating

Easy Baby Balloon Decorating

I certainly didn’t plan for my first post of the new year to be about baby décor but when a friend asked me to help with a baby ballon at our church – I jumped at the chance to get in there and do a few decorations.  You know me, I can’t keep myself away from projects.  And baby stuff?  It’s always fun!!

We needed it to be easy.  A baby ballon breakfast at church is an open thing to everyone held in a short period of time.  And honestly, when it comes to parties; easier is ALWAYS better.


Another thing about balloon decoration


The plan: Make centerpieces for the tables and a few banners to hang around the room.  Off to the dollar store I went.  The couple doesn’t know yet if they are having a boy or girl, so I went with the yellow and green.  Which was totally fine, the dollar store had adorable napkins!

First, I set up balloons on each table tied to a stack of Little Golden Books with tulle.  You know me; I had to include some cute vintage! Seriously though, this is an easy solution.

TIP:  Don’t buy those balloons weights unless you have to!  I contemplated using some of the kiddo’s old toys, like Fisher Price Little People.  But I saw Little Golden Books used on Pinterest somewhere and that inspired me to do this:

Another thing about balloon decorating that everyone should know if you don’t know it already.

TIP:  There is a glue that keeps latex balloons from deflating overnight.   I DID NOT KNOW THIS!  I needed balloons at 7AM and had to buy them the night before.  I was concerned they would deflate by morning.  The party store told me about this glue and I went with it. For a few cents extra, the balloons lasted without a problem.

centerpiece 1 edited final

I also framed bible verses about babies and families.  Dollar store frames work perfectly.  Or, if you have a variety of frames at home you don’t even have to purchase anything.

TIP:  Other ideas include framing lullabies, or if your friend is a music buff, find quotes from their favorite songs that are applicable to a baby ballon.  You get the idea!  I cut them out with pattern scissors and pasted them to colored paper.

TIP:  I could have spray painted these by the way.  They are plastic which means they would be easy to spray paint.  I didn’t because I wanted them to stand out on the table in this case (with all the green and yellow).  Plus, it’s been like 2 degrees here and spray painting is a little tough right now.

I put everything on the center of the table along side glass bowls with floating candles and little paper flower scatter.

For the banners – I did some freehand painting.  (EEK!)   Actually, anyone can paint polka dots right?!  Here’s what I made with a little paint and some cardstock:

Painting polka dots edited final


Then, I hung the letters on twine with dollar store clothes pins.


TIP:  Having a really good paint brush rocks.  I NEVER had one before and I say everyone who DIYs should get one!  You can paint letters like a ROCK STAR.

sign 1 edited final

This morning was the ballon – it was a wonderful time and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves.  Especially the mom to be!  We are so excited to see what they will be having and I wish them all the best.centerpiece 2 edited final

thank you close up edited final

PS:  My friend who organized and the folks that made the food did a GREAT job!  You know that’s not my area of expertise – but I wanted to definitely give them some props!  🙂

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